Dog Life Jackets

Black Dog Life Jacket



Black Dog Life Jacket

This stylish Dog Life Jacket will be adorable on your
dog! It’s a design black on black life jacket with black mesh underneath.

This life jacket for your dog features:

* Reflective stripes from side to side to enhance viability at night
* A sturdy handle to assist you when lifting the dog out of the water
* A strong loop to fasten a leash to while walking the dog
* Mesh underbelly to allow for quick drying and proper drainage
* Quality materials
* Light-weight to allow comfort and reduce fatigue while wearing

Stylish and Affordable!

Size is essential and it is suggested to check the sizing chart before ordering to assure your dog will fit correctly. Appropriate wear and fit play significant aspects towards your dog’s safety whilst wearing this life jacket. It is very essential to check your dogs measurements before purchasing a life jacket. The best way to measure would be to use a measuring tape and wrap it gently around the two suggested areas. The first is about the dog’s neck line. The second is about the dog’s rib cage or chest region. Each of the measurements need to be at the “largest section” of every component to ensure correct fit. Once you measure the suggested areas on the dog

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